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7 Cool Gifts For Music Nerds

Urbanears Re:Plattan
Claire Benoist

As scientists toil away to discover what draws humans to music, how it stimulates our brains, and why it’s so integral to our history, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest gifts for the music enthusiasts in your life. This guide is perfect for the aspiring hipster who wants to break out of the top-20 bubble, or the nerdy musician who hacks instruments and curates an extensive music collection.

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7 Gifts For The Gamer In Your Life

Game Boy Flask

You, statistically, have a gamer in your life. If you do, you, overwhelmingly likely, will have to buy some Christmas presents for him or her this year. Maybe, though, you don’t know anything about games. 

Solution No. 1: just absolutely lose it and buy the first thing you can find from a garage sale and you think maybe it’s some kind of sham hand-held Nintendo product that never left Japan but whatever it’s, like, December 22 and you’re out of ideas. Or, Solution No. 2: stick to smaller stuff you know they’ll like because, chances are, if they wanted it they’d already have it.

Here are some such alternatives. (If you still need more ideas, here’s last year’s list.)