Seamless R and C++ Integration with Rcpp (Use R!)

Rcpp is the glue that binds the power and versatility of R with the speed and efficiency of C++.  With Rcpp, the transfer of data between R and C++ is nearly seamless, and high-performance statistical computing is finally accessible to most R users.  Rcpp should be part of every statistician’s toolbox.  — Michael Braun, MIT Sloan School of Management

“Seamless R and C++ integration with Rcpp” is simply a wonderful book.  For anyone who uses C/C++ and R, it is an indispensable resource.  The writing is outstanding.  A huge bonus is the section on applications. This section covers the matrix packages Armadillo and Eigen and the GNU Scientific Library as well as RInside which enables you to use R inside C++. These applications are what most of us need to know to really do scientific programming with R and C++. I love this book. — Robert McCulloch, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Rcpp is now considered an essential package for anybody doing serious computational research using R. Dirk’s book is an excellent companion and takes the reader from a gentle introduction to more advanced applications via numerous examples and efficiency enhancing gems. The book is packed with all you might have ever wanted to know about Rcpp, its cousins (RcppArmadillo, RcppEigen .etc.), modules, package development and sugar. Overall, this book is a must-have on your shelf. — Sanjog Misra, UCLA Anderson School of Management

The Rcpp package represents a major leap forward for scientific computations with R. With very few lines of C++ code, one has R’s data structures readily at hand for further computations in C++. Hence, high-level numerical programming can be made in C++ almost as easily as in R, but often with a substantial speed gain. Dirk is a crucial person in these developments, and his book takes the reader from the first fragile steps on to using the full Rcpp machinery. A very recommended book! — Søren Højsgaard, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Aalborg University, Denmark

“Seamless R and C ++ Integration with Rcpp” provides the first comprehensive introduction to Rcpp. Rcpp has become the most widely-used language extension for R, and is deployed by over one-hundred different CRAN and BioConductor packages. Rcpp permits users to pass scalars, vectors, matrices, list or entire R objects back and forth between R and C++ with ease. This brings the depth of the R analysis framework together with the power, speed, and efficiency of C++.

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3 thoughts on “Seamless R and C++ Integration with Rcpp (Use R!)

  1. James Li

    Definitive Guide to using Rcpp Disclaimer: this review is more for the R package + book together rather than just for the book. But since you are most likely buying this book to use Rcpp, it is basically the same thing. I have read the first 4 chapters of the book, and will update this review upon completion.TL;DR: The author of the book is one of the main authors of the Rcpp package, and given that there has been relatively few in-depth guides written for it (one exception being Hadley Wickham’s Rcpp guide),…

  2. Consuli

    Cookbook not as good as Reference Two sentence preface. I am an R (Power-)User with low C++ Knowledge. I did a beginners C++ course 10 years ago at university, but I never actively programmed in C++.The Rccp package has developed to one of the major resources for writing additional R packages in the means of additional extensions to the R Base functionality. So this book is generally very welcome.The book is written like a little cookbook, and it shows a lot of small C++ program listings, which get…

  3. Anonymous

    This is a pretty solid book. But don’t mistake it for a standard educational coding textbook. Often proper “how to code” books are written by pretty good coders, who happen to also be great teachers. Dirk Eddelbuettel is a brilliant man who has done us a wonderful service with his literal creation of Rcpp. But he isn’t an equally gifted teacher (which I want to reiterate, is understandable).If you want to use R/C++ integration you need to be familiar with R and C++ first…

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