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Mouse knew that the future was going to be hard. He knew that the happy-ever-after is rarely what it cracks up to be, but still; fresh out of prison and with all of the promises of a new life ahead of him; you could say he had everything to look forward to. The only problem was that the world ended shortly after that. In the days, weeks, and years that follow, Mouse has to learn how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that is quickly crumbling into chaos around him. He has to learn how to navigate mad cultists, slavers, and even more importantly; the hazards of friendship.

‘How to Live at the End of the World’ is a story about loyalty, society, and about courage. It is a tale of one man’s past, and what it takes to be redeemed from it. Through the course of this book in six exciting parts, Mouse is forced to decide what are the guiding principles to live by, in a world that is seemingly at its end. Highly speculative, ‘How to Live’ puts real people in unbelievable situations, offering the reader different visions of the future; some apocalyptic, and some utopian. How to Live pictures a world driven by events beyond its capacity to bear: from catastrophic climate change to social upheaval and technological collapse.

What will Mouse risk to save his friends?

What does it take to start over?

When all else is taken away, what rules would you live by?

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