Lots of articles – but no bugs!

At Article Bug we have lots of great articles – but hey – we don’t really have bugs here!

While we’re still new and finding our way – the intention is to provide a trusted place that writers can submit original unique and exclusive articles to be published to our growing audience in order to get high quality traffic and establish credibility.

Amazon ImageWe do not aim to be one of those dime a dozen garbage syndication dashboard type wastelands, where bloggers and mostly non-writers are just blasting the heck out of syndicated articles.

Often the same articles appear in hundreds or thousands of web sites and that kind of distribution dillutes the value of an article if you ask me. It may be good for some purposes but you really need to have articles that stick and have some exclusivity if you want to truly gain authority.

Article Bug can help!

If you are serious about getting some notice and garnering some good traffic you are welcome to submit your original works provided they are exclusive to publication at Article Bug.

If that’s sounding good to you then please contact us!

We do want your exclusive and original content! Let us know who you are and what you’d like to send us! We’ll seriously consider giving you access to post your original articles!

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