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Studying the Christian Church

There is a renewed interest in studying the Christian church as there is a new pope.

What is the history of the Cardinal in Christianity?

The term Pro-Nuncio was originally reserved for those nuncios who were already in the rank of cardinal. Since the rank of cardinal (which according to the protocol to that of a prince of the blood equals) both in the papal curia is and activity in the State located clearly above that of a diplomatic mission heads, it was unusual, Cardinals to send a nuncio items, however (could the For example if a nuncio shortly before the end of his mission received the Purple) for a transitional period his other activities, for example the completion of negotiations, may be required.

Pope\'s Blessing

Pope\’s Blessing—alykat (

The Cardinal then acted quasi (Latin for “per”) “instead of” of a nuncio. Pro-nuncios this kind were always only very rare exceptions in special situations.

In the wake of the curia reforms ecumenical efforts and especially the papal Eastern policy after the Second Vatican Council, there has been a redefinition of this title. Because by the cautious opening to the Eastern Bloc countries, it indeed the establishment of diplomatic relations, these states came a dean position of the nuncio opposed to standing (as well as traditional non-Catholic, especially Muslim-dominated countries), 1965 was the title of Pro-Nuncio as name for an apostolic nuncio without the automatic position as doyen virtually created.

This name remained in force until 1991, after which all pro-nuncios were converted into nuncios, so now the title “Apostolic Nuncio” says nothing more about his dean position.

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